About Us


Located in the foothills of Port Douglas in Tropical Far North Queensland, Vanilla Australia is now growing Australia’s first and finest vanilla beans using biodynamic and biological methods.

Vanilla Australia is one of the only growers in the world that doesn't use petro-chemical extraction to make their vanilla essence … putting the product in a class of it's own.

Once you try their vanilla essence you will taste the difference and savour the quality of this world class product.

All of their vanilla beans are grown using bio dynamic and biological methods, which deliver beans of amongst the highest vanillin content of anywhere in the world (as tested by the CSIRO).
"The CSIRO have said our product contains about four times the amount of vanilla than anyone else worldwide, so I truly believe if all the growers in the area come together we can have an industry producing the best quality vanilla around" says Russell.

Russell and Mary have won many awards for their dedicated effort so far and have been featured on television shows such as Poh's Kitchen's and ABC News with their products.
Vanilla Australia is a proudly Australian owned family business based just outside of Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Australia.